Interaction Care is a product specially designed to provide a new way of conducting meetings, seminars, training and demonstrations over the Internet.

With the power of this tool you and your company will have integrated video, chat, audio (VoIP), files exchanges, and archives just in one place without downloading any software.

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Interaction Care also manages your conference from begin to end. Our web conference coordinators are trained to turn your program ideas into a well-organized event that lives up to your goals and expectations.  

Interaction Care uses ShareOn Web, a rich suite of web conferencing and knowledge management technology. This leading edge technology has been customized for applications in the pharma and healthcare fields to deliver exceptional value.



  • Conduct effective collaborative meetings with full video streaming/audio conference.

  • Increase revenue and reduce cost of sales through effective management, training of dispersed sales forced

+ sales
  • Increase quality and consistency of marketing messages to customers; obtain valuable feedback from customers in a direct and timely manner

+ marketing
  • Reduce training travel and telecommunication costs



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