Conduct effective collaborative meetings with full video/audio conference. Eliminate time and expense of business travel. Add to a searchable knowledge repository: meeting presentations, documents, notes, to-do lists, conclusions and video/audio.  

  • Self-service meetings from participant's desks.

  • Video and audio feeds from all participants that have web cam and microphones. Record the video/audio of participants.

  • Upload PowerPoint presentation.

  • Navigate presentation in both Sync and uncontrolled modes

  • Annotate/draw on the presentation and share the markup with participants.

  • Interactive flip-chart for authoring of to-do lists, meeting conclusions and others

  • Interactive Chat

  • Document sharing

  • Whiteboard and screen sharing

  • Knowledge Repository: All documents used and created in meeting including video/audio are archived and are searchable

  • Admin: Schedule session, Send email to all participants about schedule, Author survey, View results of survey