knowledge Repository

Interaction Care provides a knowledge environment with both online meeting and training tools, and tools that collect and organize knowledge with the intent of creating a comprehensive knowledge repository.  It provides the traditional search capability in addition to "Smart prompting" of collaboration resources that may be useful to the current task.  Inter-company with suppliers and customers, and intra-company teams will be able to effectively collaborate and share knowledge.  

  • Interaction Care's knowledge environment captures content from online meetings--presentations, chat, to-do lists, video/audio files, and others.

  • It combines meeting content with other activities of the team--emails, reports, discussions, online research--to organize into an active repository that converts information and knowledge into value.

  • All documents used and created in meeting including video/audio are archived and are indexed for searching.

  • Any document uploaded to Interaction Care is indexed including MS Word, PDF, HTML, ASCII files, PPT, Excel, database tables and others. After indexing this content can be searched.

  • Smart prompting to provide relevant information to collaborators, with out the users explicitly asking or searching.