Extend the reach of live and highly interactive training, while eliminating travel and facilities cost. Instructor and students can annotate on slides and images to share will other users. Package live training sessions into on-demand learning modules

Presenter Features

Participant Features

  • Video and audio feeds with ability to record the video/audio
  • Upload PowerPoint presentation
  • Navigate presentation in both Sync and uncontrolled modes
  • Annotate/draw on the presentation and share the markup with participants
  • Interactive Chat
  • Document sharing
  • Interactive Quiz, with answer statistics
  • Whiteboard and screen sharing
  • Admin: Schedule session, Send email to all participants about schedule
  • Author quiz, Author course survey
  • View results of test, View results of survey
  • View video/audio from presenter
  • Talk using microphone to presenter and other participants
  • Listen to audio from other participants
    Annotate on presentation
  • Interactive chat
  • Open shared documents during training
  • Answer Quiz and see correct answer
  • Fill out survey
  • After live training session, view the recorded video and slides